4-Way Distributor (12 dB)

SKU: VTF7844 531
This SCHWAIGER® 4-way distributor is used with home distribution systems. Due to the Direct Current pass and the frequency range of up to 2400 MHz, this distributor is perfectly suitable for SAT distribution systems.



  • distributor for cable, antenna and satellite systems
  • light and compact design
  • direct current pass (DC)
  • content: 1x 4-way distributor

Additional Info

Additional Info

Connections (input) 1 x F jack
Connections (output) 4 x F jack
Distribution 4-way
Frequency range 5 - 2400 MHz
Isolation > 15 dB
DC pass yes
Return path compliant yes
Distribution attenuation ≥ 12 dB
Material of product aluminium die cast corrosion-protected
Colour silver
Dimensions (width) 76 mm
Dimensions (height) 58 mm
Dimensions (depth) 26 mm
Packaging sliding bilster SBL7S-43
EAN 4004005504590