DVB-T2 HD meets Amazon Alexa

DTR700HD with Amazon Alexa
With the new-generation DTR-T2 DTR700HD receiver, Schwaiger has already been beaming HD-quality via antennas into German living rooms for some time. The Franconia technical whizzes have now built on the soaring popularity of Amazon Alexa and come up with a new show piece: The DVB-T2 HD receiver DTR700HD now communicates with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo sold separately), allowing access to menu, volume control and voice-controlled program selection.

Schwaiger communicates with Amazon Alexa

Gateway voice control with Amazon Alexa
The smart home system from Schwaiger will bring many innovative innovations again this year. Just a few months after Amazon’s Alexa hit the market, the Schwaiger system now also allows direct communication with cloud-based voice services , as well as voice-controlled access to numerous functions. Security settings, multiroom, lighting effects, or room climate are also now controllable using Alexa. Those keen to know more about how effi cient, comfortable and intelligent their homes can be made should check out the IFA 2017, or at one of Schwaiger's HOME YOU show trucks.

More security, whether you’re at home or on the move

In order to prevent burglars from causing havoc via doors or windows, the SECURE4YOU System from Schwaiger beefs up your home and property insurance, with "Green Guard" and "Red Secure" areas. Linked to an alarm generator, which is, in turn, connected to a range of sensors and motion detectors, SECURE4YOU fi lls the need when it comes to deterrence and alarming. Underlining how the range of Schwaiger products deliver you all-round protection, not only when a break-in occurs. In other dangerous situations, for example, they warn about water damage or alert fellow occupants and neighbours of emergencies.

At-home cinema

Perfect TV viewing thanks to the TV wall mount from Schwaiger
Whether LCD, LED, plasma or TFT - Schwaiger wall brackets guarantee pure fi lm fun for TV addicts and a cinema-like viewing experience. Easy to assemble, the stand-out features of the fixed, tilt, motion and full-motion series include their stable design, secure attachments and high mechanical strength. The practical and functional design allows modern fl at screens to be fl exibly suspended; eliminating the need for bulky furniture under the TV. Regardless of whether the device weighs, 25, 35, 45 or 50 kilos, the range of mountings on offer provide simply yet elegant solutions for all those who love TV and the silver screen.