Deeply rooted at home

Since its foundation in 1946 SCHWAIGER® has been deeply rooted in Middle Franconia. Langenzenn is located approx. 25 km west of Nuremberg and approx. 20 km south-east of Neustadt/Aisch in the administrative district of Fürth.



Coming from the Autobahn (German for motorway) A3 and A73, Langenzenn can be reached via the Bundesstraße (German for federal road) 8 (B8) - Südwesttangente. Coming from the Autobahn A6 and A9, the Bundesstraße 8 also leads you to Langenzenn.

Leave the Bundesstraße 8 (B8) - Südwesttangente at the Langenzenn Nord exit. Turn right into the Windsheimer Straße. After approx. 900 m you will reach the Schwaiger GmbH headquarters..