Broadband and Booster Amplifier (18 dB)

SKU: BN2212 531
This SCHWAIGER® broadband cable and booster amplifier is suitable for small distribution systems. It is used in broadband cable networks at the building transfer point or in community antenna systems as a booster amplifier. In case of overload (image artifacts) due to too strong signals on the building transfer point, the level control can be adjusted as needed.



  • amplifier for use at the building transfer point in broadband cable networks
  • usage as booster amplifier in community antenna systems possible
  • built-in level control

Additional Info

Additional Info

Connections 2 x F jack
Frequency range 47 - 862 MHz
Output level (max.) 105 (IM 3 DIN 45004 B)
Amplification (typical) 18 dB
Level control 0 - 20 dB
Noise figure (typical) 5 dB
Remote power supply 50 - 60
Power supply 230
Power consumption 2 during operation
Colour black
Weight (set) 385
Dimensions (width) 140 mm
Dimensions (depth) 38 mm
Dimensions (height) 78 mm
Packaging sealed blister SBL04
EAN 4004005504972