Dual Unit Amplifier (2x 18 dB)

SKU: BN8699 531
This SCHWAIGER® dual unit amplifier is suitable for connecting two TVs or radios to one antenna socket. It balances any signal loss or power loss occuring during distribution. The amplifier balances the attenuation of long cables of up to 20 m.



  • for distributing one antenna or cable connection to two terminal devices (TV/receiver)
  • balancing of signal loss upon simultaneous operation of 2 TV or radio devices via one antenna socket
  • attenuation equalisation for long connection cables (up to 20 m)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Connections (input) 1 x IEC jack
Connections (output) 2 x IEC connector
Frequency range 47 - 862 MHz
Output level (max.) 100 (IM 3 DIN 45004 B, 60dB)
Amplification (typical) 2x 18 dB
Noise figure (typical) 4 dB
Power supply 230 , 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1,9
Colour black
Weight (set) 314
Dimensions (width) 127 mm
Dimensions (depth) 78 mm
Dimensions (height) 37 mm
Packaging sealed blister SBL04
EAN 4004005504996