XXL Universal Work Light

with battery, magnet and hooks

SKU: WLED1000 011
This SCHWAIGER® Universal Work Light has two sources of light. It provides illumination during assembly work, within engine compartments, in pits, under lifting platforms or on other work spaces. The XXL work light is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and can be separated into two parts if necessary. The hooks of the light make for flexible positioning. The light is held in place by the powerful magnets or by the build-in hook.



  • 2 IN 1 - consists of two parts which can be used separately
  • ideal illumination due to extremely powerful COB (Chip-on-Board) LED
  • solid hook for hanging up the light
  • strong magnet as well as rotatable hook for hanging
  • universal use
  • modes:

    1 » Bright light

    2 » Reduced light intensity

Additional Info

Additional Info

Power supply input: 220 (charger)
output: 5 , 2x2000 mAh (charger)
Battery type lithium ion (rechargeable)
Lumen 1200/460
Charging time 4 - 5 h
Run time mode 1: 1.5 h
mode 2: 3 h
Material of product plastic
Colour blue/black
Dimensions (width) 515 mm
Dimensions (height) 60 mm
Dimensions (depth) 60 mm
Packaging carton
EAN 4004005018073