2-Hole Pass-Through Socket (19 dB)

This SCHWAIGER® pass-through socket is suitable for use on CATV or MATV antenna systems. It is designed to be a pass-through or terminal socket. When used as a terminal socket, the included resistor has to be inserted.  The socket is suitable for reception of TV and radio signals and CANNOT be used as a single socket without terminating resistor. Due to a special clamping technique, the cable connections do not have to be screwed.



  • clamping technology for screwless fastening of the inner conductor
  • can be used as pass-through socket or terminal box
  • can be used as terminal box, but only in combination with 75 ohms resistor
  • standards, see Declaration of Conformity (Support & Service)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Classification class A
Connections 1 x IEC jack
1 x IEC connector
Connections 1 x IEC jack
1 x IEC connector
Frequency range 5 - 2150 MHz (TV)
5 - 2150 MHz (radio)
Isolation 862/2150 MHz > 22/20 dB (TV / radio)
862/2150 MHz > 32/22 dB output/TV
Frequency range MHz (TV)
MHz (radio)
Tap loss (typ.) 19 dB (terrestrial/SAT)
Transmission loss 2,5 dB (terrestrial/SAT)
Material of product aluminium die cast
Mounting depth 22 mm
Colour silver
Dimensions (width) 70 mm
Dimensions (height) 66 mm
Packaging sealed blister SBL07
EAN 4004005204292