Angled F Connector, 2-Piece Set (Ø 7 mm)

SKU: FSTWI7002 531
This angled SCHWAIGER® F connector is suitable for installation on coaxial cables. Thanks to its angled shape, it can be used on devices close to a wall. After thoroughly stripping the cable, the connector is simply screwed onto the sheath. A suitable stripping tool and aids for screwing on the connectors are available from SCHWAIGER®.



  • 90° angled connector shortens too long cable bendings and prevents the cable from breaking
  • for installation on coaxial cables
  • fast and secure connection of connector and cable
  • large and wide nut

Additional Info

Additional Info

Connections 1 x Angled F connector
Outer diameter 6.8 - 7 mm
Content (package) 2
Colour silver
Packaging sliding bilster SBL1S-18
EAN 4004005203226