SCART/CINCH Adapter Cable

SCART plug (21-pin) > 3 CINCH plugs

SKU: SCAC320 533
The black SCHWAIGER® SCART/CINCH adapter cable is used for connecting display devices equipped with a SCART input, e.g. a TV, to devices equipped with a CINCH output, e.g. an amplifier. The doubly shielded adapter cable transmits audio and video signals in stereo quality (yellow = video, red and white = audio -stereo-).



  • for connecting audio devices (stereo) equipped with CINCH outputs to TVs, video recorders, etc. equipped with CINCH inputs

Additional Info

Additional Info

Connections 3 x CINCH plug
1 x SCART plug (21-pin)
Colour black
Cable length 1.5 m
Packaging sealed blister SBL02
EAN 4004005204674